Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Yesterday we loaded Mady up and headed to Water Country USA. It is about a 40 minute drive from our apartment. We went with one of Matt's friends from work and his wife and 4 year old son. We had a great time! It was a hot and sunny day. Perfect for a water park.

Honestly I am crazy when it comes to packing when we are going somewhere for the day. I make sure we have everything we need and of course a little more. I think I drive Matt crazy...actually I know I drive him crazy. Sorry babe! =) You just never know what situations are going to arise with a 20 month old.

We were able to use our free military passes for Matt and I, and Mady was of course free. Score! We ended up only paying for parking, a locker and our lunch. Not too shabby.

When we first got there, Mady was so excited. "Wagler" everywhere!!! The smile on her face was priceless.

Waiting for daddy to get our tickets

Mady and Daddy

Love her expression here!
It was insanely hot. I think I put sun screen on Mady like a billion times! Her skin is so fair and I did not want her to get burned. We all managed to not get too much sun so I am thankful.

First stop, kiddie pool number one. Mady was very nervous in the beginning. She would just wander around the outside skirts of the pool and sit herself in one of the chairs. Matt and I would attempt to take her in the water but she would cling to us and cry. I was seriously wondering if we made a mistake by bringing her. She usually LOVES the water. Finally, she warmed up to it and had an absolute blast. I think it was just a lot for her at once. Spraying water everywhere, lots of kiddos and just a lot of noise in general.

Mady is the one holding onto the edge of the slide going up. Such a big girl

One, Two, Three

She probably went up and down this slide about 15 times. She would walk up the stairs all by herself, wait in line for her turn and then go down. I was so proud of her. She looked like such a big girl doing that all by herself. Some of the kids were so pushy and one little boy kept pushing Mady. At one point, I even said "Hey!" to him. I was getting really mad. Like where is his mom?! Thank goodness he left pretty quickly. My momma bear was coming out for sure!

We hung out at this pool for a little while and then decided to head to another kiddie pool. I liked this one a lot better. More stuff for them to do. Mady would pick one slide and pretty much spend the majority of her time there.

Daddy showing Mady all the cool slides

Mady liked to attempt to climb on the alligator

She is over it and ready for some lunch
By 12:30, we were all tired, hungry and a little irritable. SO we found some shade and got some lunch.

Drama Queen

All she wanted for lunch was fruit. Typical Mady
After lunch Matt went back to the car to get the stroller and her night nights. We both could tell she was so tired. After we put her in the stroller, this is what she looked like in all of about 2 seconds...

Yes she had to have her blankie in 90 degree weather
While she was sleeping Matt went and did some rides by himself while I laid on the chair and relaxed a bit.

Buddies =)

Momma got to relax a little bit too.  Stupid water got on the carmera!
When Mady woke up, we did more of the same. Playing, playing, playing. By around 3 o'clock, we were all pretty tired so we decided to head home and sit in stupid traffic! Ugh.

Overall, it was such a fun day. I am so glad we were able to go and make memories as a family. I love days like that.

Oh and I was in bed by 8:30...chasing around a 20 month old is quite exhausting but oh so much fun! =)


  1. fun! i am a new follower found you on tami's blog. i love the momma bear comment- "Hey!" hehe

    i have a 12month baby girl, Avrie. i just took her to the splash pad yesterday, temps were 100 here in MN. i hope to take her there again when she is a little bigger- too many older kids, BOYS running around and not watching where they were going.

    thanks for blogging, i love reading :)

  2. Awww! Looks like Mady girl had fun! Cant believe she went down the slide by herself.. what a big girl! Glad you got some time to relax too :)


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