Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Happens

Things have been crazy around here. I definitely didn't intentionally take a whole week off from writing but it just kind of happened. But...I'm backkkk! =)

Anyways, between morving in 2 weeks, a trip to NJ, and dealing with a very strong willed and stubborn 20 month old, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write. I haven't uploaded pictures from my camera either so this post will have only a few pictures.

For warning...this post will probably be all over the place.

I hate moving. H.A.T.E. Packing and unpacking. Boxes everywhere. Everything looking like it is in utter chaos. AH. It drives me crazy. I like things to be tidy, cleaned up and put away but that is so far from how my house looks right now. August 10th cannot come soon enough. Moving should be fun with a 21 month old right?!?!!? *sigh*

Mady and I headed to NJ from Thursday to Sunday. My uncle and cousin had flown in from FL so we had a big family get together in Cape May (my grandparents live there) Too bad it was so chilly! My mom and I had to run out the night before to get her a sweatshirt and some pants. It was a fun day though of beaching, walking, ice cream eating, and hanging out with family. A fun but long day with the Madelyn.

We had a good time visiting with Nana and Pop Pop too. It was kind of crazy because my mom ended up cutting her finger while we were making dinner which then had her and my dad headed to urgent care so get it taken care of. So she had to deal with a big huge bandaged thumb that she could not get wet throughout the weekend. Then, we had to deal with Mady just blatantly not listening to fun. Always a exciting time at my parents house! =)

Sandy windy hair and yummy ice cream
Sunday I drove home. Mady was woke up randomly between 3 am and 5:15 am. So needless to say we were on the road about 6:30 that morning. I was so tired and just so ready to get home. The drive from here to NJ is so easy but it can be so long. We were both so excited to see Matt. Once we got home, Mady was super cranky as usual so we headed to our pool. Mady loved jumping from the side of the pool and just loved swimming around. I think she took a 3ish hour nap. It was so nice to catch up with Matt and rest a little bit before community group that night. I always look forward to community group.

Today has been a low key day. I really needed it. I think I went to bed at 8:30 last night and Matt let me sleep until 7:30 this morning. Between all the driving, stress about the moving, and dealing with my insanely stubborn child, I was worn out.

We ate an early dinner so we can head to Friendly later for an ice cream date with our Mady girl.

So that's a little catch up on whats going on around here.

Enjoy your Monday! =)

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