Friday, July 27, 2012

Craziness with a Capital C!

The past 24 hours have been absolutely crazy, frustrating, tiring, and overall horrible.

It all started last night at around 10:15.

We were all sleeping. Peacefully.

Suddenly I wake up because I notice both of the fans turned off. In my sleepy, out of it state, I try to turn them back on and get frustrated that it is not working. Then I notice the alarm clock is off and everything is super dark.

Matt wakes up and we both sit there for a few seconds waiting for the power to kick back on. Never does.

So, we go out front to see if we are the only people or if the whole complex is out. Nope, just us. Awesome.

It was 90 degrees out last night at 10:30 pm.

Poor baby is sleeping in a hot room with no fan now.

Matt calls emergency maintenance and the guy comes over and checks our fuse box( which is outside..Thank you Lord)...ok ready for this....




our next door neighbor saw it and decided not to do anything about it. Wouldn't you think to tell your neighbors that their fuse box is on fire?!

Instead, she came outside when she saw the maintence man and asked if she could turn her air conditioner back because she didn't know if it might catch fire and she kept complaining how hot her apartment was getting.

Really Lady, Really!? it is 10:45 now and we cannot stay here. We talk for a minute and try to gather ourselves and thoughts. Do we go to a hotel? We don't have our pack and play or our air mattress because they are at our parents. Do we try to borrow those things from someone but who?

Thankfully, we have met some great people through our community group. Jim and Andrea were our angels last night. They live about 5 minutes away and insisted on us staying with them. Matt had called Jim earlier to see if they had a pack and play we could borrow. I quickly packed some stuff for Mady because I had no idea how long it would take to fix or what. I wake up my sleepy, confused baby girl and head over there.

Meanwhile, the maintence man let us use another apartment for all of our food so it did not spoil. Matt packed that all up and brought it to the other apartments then packed his bag and headed over to Jim and Andrea as well.

When I first got there, Andrea had everything set up for us and Mady laid right down. Awesome! I was so excited to see that. It took Matt about an hour to do everything he needed to do before he got to their house and by this point, Mady was awake.

We tried her sleeping with us, in the pack and play, and all other options from about 12:30 to one slept during those lovely early morning hours.

Finally we all somehow drifted off to sleep at around 2:30. Next thing I know it is 6:30 and Matt has to leave for work in 15 minutes. Meanwhile, Mady is up and ready for the day but everyone else was sleeping. This is the part I hate when staying with people because I cannot contain my crazy 20 month old in a little room so we head to the play room and probably wake everyone up in the process.

Matt heads to work and Mady and I stay with the H's until 8:45.By then the apartment office was opening in 15 minutes and I needed my Dunkin fix (We all know I needed an iced tea!) and see what was going on with the fuse box.

Get to the apartment and nothing has happened. Really?! They asked for the best number to reach me at and said they would call when they heard anything. Great. Who knows how long this will be. Mady is so tired by now and so am I.

So many tears fell today. My mom was such a blessing to me and calmed me down every time I called her with what to do. Don't know what I would do without her.

I go to our apartment and grab my lap top and some toys and snacks for Mady and head to our make shift other apartment for a little while. Finally it is 11 and I march myself and Mady back to the office and again ask what is going on and if it will be done today. They said yes it should be done today but don't know when. Then! they said that we can move out whenever. But you had to hear the way they said it. Kind of like well why don't you guys just move it. TOO bad we couldn't because if we could we would have been out of here today.

I attempt to take Mady to chick fil a for lunch but she falls asleep on the way there. So I go through drive through and of courese Mady wakes up the second I wake into the apartment and is ready to eat lunch. Not exactly how I had pictured everything going. Oh well...just that kind of day.  We head back to the H's after lunch and a failed pool attempt.

Finally Matt gets home. Thank the Lord he had a somewhat early day and Mady is refusing to nap at the H's and is screaming her head off and contiuing to get out of the pack and play. So we take her and drive around for a little bit so we can fall asleep. She does in all of about 2 minutes.

We head to the apartment complex and see someone working on our box! YAY! So, Matt gets out of the car and talks to the electrician and property manager and finds out that it will be about 2-3 hours until it is done. Better than tomorrow. So we head to Starbucks and Target and wander around. Then decide to go back to the H's until it is ready.

We finally make it home at around 5 pm today.

I'm exhausted, tired, and so beyond frustrated with this place.

Only two more weeks.....needless to say I am going crazy packing tomorrow!

Thank you so much to my husband who holds is all together in these crazy times. I could not have done this without him.

Last but not least, Thank you to Jim and Andrea to opening their home and everything baby that we needed to us. You have been such a blessing to Matt and I!

The End.

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  1. Holy cow! That sounds horrible! Im glad yall had somewhere to go to at least get a few hours sleep. Thats just crazy though.

    It sounds like the apartment we lived in when we first got married.. they could care less. They hired crappy maintenance people and nothing ever got done. One day they came over to check out bath tub because it was leaking into the apartment below us. They had painted it like 6 months earlier and didnt properly seal it so it leaked every time we showered!

    I bet yall cant wait to get out of there! Good luck packing! :)


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