Sunday, July 1, 2012

Not exactly how I pictured it

So this weekend was Matt and I's big weekend "stay-cation." We both had really been looking forward to this weekend and it started out great!

I met my parents on Friday afternoon in Salisbury to drop Mady off. She was thrilled to go with her Nana and Pop Pop. She ran to each of them so excited. It made my heart so happy. I said a quick goodbye (more for my sake) and headed back home. I had a whole 9 hours by myself until the hubby got home from work. So I decided a pedicure sounded great and it felt great. Then I had a hair appointment a little later. It was a nice day of pampering. It was so nice to not have any other responsibilities for a few hours but soon enough I was missing my Madelyn. So of course I called my mom about a hundred times to see how she was doing. She was having a blast...of course!

Saturday...Oh Saturday. Matt took off from work and so we had the whole day to do whatever we wanted. So we headed to Dunkin' to get some breakfast and then to the beach for a little while. It was so nice to just talk and relax and enjoy reading our books. I can't remember the last time we did that...pre-mady most likely. Anyways, we were there for about an hour and half and decided to head back and shower and get some lunch at little Mexican restaurant. This is where we went wrong. We ate lunch and then went to a book store and thrift store. We were having such a nice time and truly just enjoying our time together.

All of sudden I felt horrible. Stomach pains/cramps. Running to the bath room (TMI?...oh well!) and the night went down hill from there. I was up most of the night feeling horrible and yup, I cried. My poor husband. We kind of just hung out the rest of the night, catching up on the Wire.

Sunday morning came and now the hubby felt horrible too. Great! So we both are down and out. We woke up at 8:15! That is so late for us. We got ready and went to great some breakfast. Bad Idea. Back to the house we go to get sick again. Awesome! After that though we were feeling much better so we decided to head to Colonial Williamsburg, which is about an hour away, and walk around.

Silly Hubby

It only took about 15 tries to get one decent picture

Good Lord it was HOT! We walked around for about an hour and then we were both sweating our butts off and figured we would find the outlet shops that were about 15 minutes away. Well once we got there we found out that they lost power so none of the stores were open. No fun. We were both hungry at this point and had felt fine for a few hours. My parents gave us a outback gift card for our anniversary so we headed there. Bad Idea for the hubby. He hardly ate his food and ended up getting sick before we left. So I had to drive home! Ugh. I hate driving and its all highway. In traffic. But I got us home safely while the hubby slept in the car.

We both took a 2 hour nap when we got home. We needed it. We both woke up feeling a whole lot better!  We kind of just hung out the rest of the night. Watched movie. Talked. It was nice honestly.

What a weekend! Not exactly what we had planned. I don't know if we got a stomach bug or whether it was from the Mexican food we had or what. But I know it was horrible!

I am so thankful for the time I did get to spend with Matt this weekend. We both needed it. Even if it was not exactly how I pictured it....because no matter what happens I love spending my life and all the craziness that it is with my favorite person in this whole world.

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  1. Boooo for not feeling good! I bet that Mexican food made yall sick.. yuck! Glad yall got some time together though.. even if yall werent in the best shape :)


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