Monday, July 9, 2012

Life lately

Mady's eating lunch and the hubby ran to the post office so I wanted give a little update on life around here lately. Mostly through pictures. Enjoy!

It has been HOT in Virginia the last few days...feeling over 100 for about 3 days. Yuck! I hate heat like that. We did our best to stay cool.

Our pool is opening tomorrow!!! So Mady and I headed to Target to get a puddle jumper! So loved it. She would not let me take it off! We will see how she does tomorrow! (And of course it is going to rain tomorrow. Praying the rain holds off so we can enjoy the pool)

Daddy had drill and work this weekend so Mady and I did our best to help pass the time and keep cool! Yummy Rita's! She just gets so excited. I love it. (Don't worry we didn't get 3 waterices....only 1 split into 3 cups.)

Too hot to cook. Chick fil a it is! Plus, Mady had been asking for french fries for a few days.

Sunday morning we decided to bake cupcakes for when daddy got home that afternoon. She was such my big helper. 

All ready for church in the pretty dress Nana got her. Mady cried when we left church yesterday. I am so glad she loves going and has such a great time!

Finally daddy came home and Mady wanted him to read some books. 

An after dinner fruit bar is a must when it is 100 degrees out and of course no clothes but a diaper is required! (Please excuse my skimpy shorts. It was just too hot!)

And the hubby was finally able to sit and relax and enjoy his beer. =)

Cuddling with daddy is a must.

Those are just a few random pictures and things going on around here. Nothing too exciting (besides packing (ugh) )....and I like it that way!

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