Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling Settled

We are all moved in! Not ever box is unpacked but yay none the less! It is such a wonderful feeling. This new apartment is wonderful. It feels cozy and homey and just right for my family.

The last few days have been so crazy but exciting. It all started on Friday. I left around 6:15 am to meet my mom in Salisbury, MD to drop Mady off. She was spending the weekend with her nana and papaws. I usually get there first because it is about a half hour less of a drive from here. So, Mady and I arrive to our usual meeting spot and sit and wait for my mom. During the drive there she was driving me crazy. She kept throwing everything on the floor then getting upset because it was on the floor. AH. Anyways, so we get there and are waiting so I let Mady out of her car seat and let her sit with me in the drivers seat. (Don't worry the car was off) and I think the child pressed every.single.button she could. I was lucky my car started back up! Needless to say I was so excited to see my mom pull up!

Yes, she is eating a cookie and Yes, it was only 8:30 am. 
Waiting for Nana to save me!

While I was dropping her off, Matt and his friend were busy loading the truck and heading to the new apartment to sign the lease and get the keys. Matt still had work at 12 so they only had a few hours to get as much done as possible. When I got back to VA, I met him at the old apartment to get the keys and load up my car as well. Head to the new apartment to sign the lease and wait for the cable guy to come. Yay for having cable again! Anyways, the U-haul truck was still full of boxes because Matt didn't have time to unpack them. So, this girl, right here, unloaded the rest of the U-haul! I was darn proud of myself. It did take me a few hours and probably took 2 boxes at a time but hey I did it. I know it was a big help to Matt.

Finally the stupid cable man shows up about an hour late then when he goes outside to get his equipment he starts talking to another cable employee for 30 minutes!! Then it takes him forever to set up the internet and cable. Ugh. I was annoyed. I wanted to shower and his man was preventing that! 

I shower and head to Target because did you know we are about 2 minutes away and I was sans goob! I walked around, got some soup for dinner and headed home. I think I was way too tired to enjoy my shopping trip. 

I was able to unpack almost all the kitchen stuff and set up our make shift bed for the night. Finally Matt got home from work around 10 pm and I was headed to bed. I was so physically tired but mentally wide awake. We couldn't sleep. So at around 10:30, we got dressed and headed to Sonic for a late night snack. I cannot remember the last time we did that. Pre-pre goob! It was so fun. I kept mentioning to him I felt like we were breaking the law being out this late. I cannot remember the last time I went out so late. Sad. 

This is getting a tad long so I will finish the rest tomorrow!

So thankful for this new home for my family. Thank you Lord!


  1. YAY for being moved in!!! So excited for yall! Youll have to take pictures of the new place soon! How far is the new place from your parents?

  2. You go girl unloading all those boxes!! So glad you are getting settled and you like the new place! Been praying! Love you much! Hugs and kisses to you guys!~ Shannon


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