Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane...say what?!

Hurricane Sandy is headed our way in the next few hours/day. 

I usually don't get too worried about weather but this time I am a little nervous. Thankfully, it is not coming ashore in Virginia Beach but it is supposed to make landfall in Atlantic City, NJ. My parents and where I grew up is about an hour from there. It is supposed to be real bad. I hope it's not though.

We had Hurricane Irene last year and it ended up being nothing. But this time I am not so sure.

I think I am nervous because the hubby has to work (he's a police officer) and that just leaves Mady and I. If we lose power, oh Lordy! It should be a fun experience (insert sarcasm) with Mady girl. 

She does however, have her own flash light. She is set!

We have our water, and of course yummy food supplies. Batteries, candles, and flash lights.


We shall see what happens. 

Hope everyone in Hurricane Sandy's path stays safe!

Hopefully I'll be back sooner rather than later!

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