Wednesday, October 31, 2012

This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I must admit Halloween was not something I was excited about before I had Mady. Sure, when I was younger I loved it but it took on a whole new meaning when I had Mady. I love it. So fun. So many memories to be made. 

I hope Mady has the chance to have all the special memories I have of growing up and Halloween. Trick-or-Treating. Seeing who can fill up their bag the fastest. Counting their Candy. Sorting their Candy.

Her first Halloween was last year and she was 2 days away from being one. So, I just push her around in the wagon and she helped hand out candy.

Oct. 2011

This year was SO fun. I am so thankful Matt was home this year to enjoy these special memories with Mady. He was deployed last year and came home about 2 weeks after Halloween so I am super thankful he was here!

 She was my little cupcake and had an absolute blast trick-or-treating. She did such a good job with saying trick-or-treat and saying Thank you. She carried her pumpkin the whole time and actually walked for the whole hour we were out. I hope I have a very sleepy little girl tonight. =)

 Mady and Daddy. 

 Mommy and Mady.

 Love this smile.

 Playing with the leaves before we leave to trick-or-treat.


 I'll be excited when she can walk up to the door by herself. This year it was a little hard to manage with her heavy candy filled pumpkin. =)

 Love this picture of her. pure excitement. 

 Walking with Daddy.

 This is what happens after a long night of trick-or-treating.

Such a fun, chilly, perfect Halloween night!

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