Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a super fun weekend! It all started on Saturday when we visited the "punkin' farm!" and had a fabulous time! It was a rather warm day but Sunday, we woke up to temps in the 50's. LOVELY! I think fall officially arrived this weekend and I love it! Plus I love dressing Mady in all her new cute fall clothes!

Sunday was out typical Sunday. Church, football, yummy food, and family. We had new friends, from our small group, come over and watch the football games with us. We had a great time with them! Mady was cranky as usual when she woke up and super cuddly since she didn't know who they were but give her 15 minutes and she will be your best friend. By the end of the night she was sitting on Franki's lap, playing with her phone and giving hugs. I seriously just love Sundays. 

I made homemade chicken noddle soup, honey beer bread, and a peanut butter/choc sprinkle football for Sunday. Deliciousness all around!

 Honey Beer Bread made with Sam Adam's Oktoberfest!

Stupid picture won't rotate. But I think it came out cute and it was yummy!

Today was a low key day for us. Chilly rainy day. We love those kinds of day in this family! We had to make a quick trip to Target for toilet paper and milk..ya know the fun things but we pretty much hung home most of the day. Mady woke up with some crazy bed head!

It was out of control!

Matt and I caught up on Homeland during her nap time! Seriously, if you have not watched Homeland you are missing out and need to go watch the first season right now. SO good! We played a lot today, cleaned out some clothes, and just hung out. And of course had a yummy dinner from none other than Pinterest. Seriously, I love finding recipes on there. I have found so many that we love and it has made me really enjoy cooking!

We have a busy rest of the week and weekend with my brother in law getting married on Saturday and being in Jersey from Thursday-Monday for the wedding festivities. SO looking forward to a few nights away with my one and only and of course, seeing family. Super excited to Jake and April!

Happy Monday! =)

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