Thursday, October 18, 2012


*Remember my whole October Goals post I did earlier in the month. Yeah, some of them have stuck while the important ones like snacking and working out not so much. I need to find the will power and sometimes it's just too hard to say no! Ugh. I want to lose weight so I need to get my butt moving. 

*My biggest fear is losing all this weight and then get pregnant again. It's sad but true. I know being at a healthier weight the 2nd time around will be better but still. 

*I am still sick! Ah. I woke up this morning feeling worse than I did yesterday. Hopefully this is the last day of not being able to breathe, blowing my nose every 5 seconds, and constantly needing a cough drop in my mouth. Oh and not sounding like a man. 

*Mady's birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and I am so excited. I cannot wait! We are going to the children's museum on her actually birthday and then the following week we are heading to my parents for a little birthday party with family. Very low key but I know she will love it. 

*I find Halloween to be so stressful now! I do not want to spend a boat load of money on a costume she is going to wear once but I want her to look cute and have a fun day. Old Navy had a sale last week so I was able to get her costume for 16 dollars. Not too bad. It's so stinkin stressful though. I wish I could make her one but I am really not that creative. 

*I cannot wait for Mady's birthday and Christmas just for the mere fact that I am tried of playing with the same toys everyday. Ready for some new ones like a kitchen and puzzles and craft stuff! 

*Mady talks in sentences now and I love it. Oh and she also says things like "Mady sad" or "hey that's Mady!" Love, Love, Love it!

*Really looking forward to the next few months. I love traditions, holidays, birthdays. I am such a sentimental person and those things just make my heart happy. Lots to look forward to. 

*I miss my family and am ready to move back to NJ like yesterday but that is nothing new. Hopefully soon. Trusting the Lord to give Matt the perfect job for him and move us closer to family. 

*Matt has tried to get me to watch the Walking Dead and I was dead set on not watching it because really I don't want to watch a show about zombies. Well, I caught the first few episodes of it while we were away for the wedding and now I have to catch up. It is really good. Of course, he is right again. He always knows how to picture the best TV shows.

*I think I might declare today another sick day.

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