Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoughts and what not

*Yesterday I took pictures throughout the morning and afternoon since I wanted to do a post about everyday happenings, mostly so I can look back and laugh about it years from now but then mom fail and I didn't finish it. Maybe another day!

*There are way, way, way too many recipes I want to make from Pinterest. I think my hubby loves that site more than I do. I have found so many yummy recipes that we now love! If you have not tired the sweet and sour are missing out! Deliciousness!

*I am doing okay with my October goals for my weight. I definitely pay more attention to how much I am eating of something and watching my snacking but working out...major fail. It is so hard for me. I just need to do it! Stupid weight! Why are you so easy to put on and so hard to lose!

*As I am typing this Matt is watching the replay of the debate on CNN (he was at work while it was on last night) and Mady girl is sleeping on him. I don't blame her. Debates just make me nervous. I feel bad when someone looks stupid when they mess up and the other person always makes faces/rolls their eyes at their opponent. I let the hubby watch it and tell him about it. Easier that way!

*One week from today we will be in NJ! Happy Dance!!! It should be a fun weekend. If only I can convince the hubby to stay there...permanently! 

*I am so beyond excited to take Mady to the "punkin farm" this weekend! She has been talking about it all week and we have been reading our fall-themed books before bed. I know she is going to have a blast.

*I started Christmas shopping already. I have a few things for Mady that I saw were on sale or clearance. I am so excited. For her big gift, we are getting her a play kitchen which I know she will love. Matt and I are forgoing presents this year to watch our spending. I am totally good with that because I want to get rid of this debt! That is more important to me. It should be an interesting Christmas since we live away from family. I know we will be heading to NJ for the actual holiday so I am trying to think if we will take Mady's smaller presents with us or just have our own Christmas before we leave. Decisions, Decisions!

*I made my own pot of unsweetened iced tea and it actually came out good! Usually when I make it, it has a bitter after taste but I think adding 1 tbsp of sugar has helped with that. It definitely has helped me not drink soda. Yay!

*I cannot believe how much Mady has grown into a little person. You can totally see her putting things together now and asking more questions. I love it. You can almost have some sort of conversation with her. She is totally my pride and joy. That girl melts my heart. 

*I just counted how many bullet points I have and I don't like the number 9 so I had to do one more. Little crazy huh? It's true. I am so weird about numbers especially when it comes to birthdays and future children/child. Mady's b-day is Nov 2nd. Love that date. I don't want my kids born on odd number days. People make fun of me and I know I am crazy and it's ok! =)

Happy Thursday!!!

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