Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy

So Sandy is official here. Last night was the worst for us here in Virginia Beach. Very windy and rainy. The lights flickered a few times but we have not lost power. Praise Jesus! When we went to bed the flooding in the apartment complex wasn't too bad. However, when we woke up, this is what our cars looked like...

 This is hubby's car. His was the worst. The water was basically up to the door. 

My car wasn't as bad but the pictures are deceiving. There is a lot more water than the picture shows.

Thankfully, I have an awesome husband who moved our cars to higher ground since in our apartment complex there are a few hills and we happened to be parked in a valley. Haha.

But, the maintenance staff some how unclogged the drains around the complex and the water is at a much better level now. Thank the Lord.

It is still raining pretty hard but not as windy. I think the wind is supposed to pick up this afternoon for a little bit but we will see.

I'm nervous for my parents and loved ones in New Jersey since they are going to get hit with the eye of the storm. The pictures I have seen make me sad. Praying for their safety and for the power to stay one.

Lots of movies, playing and hanging out happening today. 

Stay safe everyone!

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