Saturday, October 6, 2012

Punkin Farm!

Today we headed to the Punkin Farm! It was 84 degrees out mind you. Not fallish at all BUT we had a wonderful time.

We have been gearing up for this day for a while. We've read our pumpkin books. Bought our pumpkin t-shirt and talked and talked and talked about the punkin farm! She was so excited! (And so was I!)

I seriously obsessed over where we should go. Since we aren't from around here, I didn't know where the good spots were so we just decided to go with the one closest to home and hope for the best. 

It was wonderful! Mady was free of course! (less than a month left for that freebie!) and Matt and I were each 8 dollars which included the hay ride, petting farm, playground, etc. There was so much to do which we didn't realize and didn't bring any cash with us for some yummy food and face painting but that's ok because Mady had a wonderful time. We could have spent all afternoon there but did I mention it was 84 degrees out...yeah hot and sweaty! (side note-You should not have to wear a tank top to go pumpkin picking...sigh...-end sidenote!)

We played, went on a hayride, visited the petting zoo, played on the playground, and picked out some pumpkins. Perfection. 

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. And Yes, I was that annoying mom who tried to get a bazillion pictures of my kid. What can I say...I love them. Too bad I had a uncooperative child.

Waiting for the hayride with Daddy

 And now with Mom...
 At first Mady was VERY unsure about the animals. It was so cute though. 

 She always does this crouch down thing when she is nervous. She kept wanting to touch them but then would get so nervous. 

 Daddy is showing her that its ok. 

 Finally touching the goat.

 My cute pumpkin!

 Playing in the dirt waiting for the hay ride. What's new. This child loves to get messy. I'm working on it!

 Our attempt at a family

 This is where the attitude came in. She wanted to sit by herself on the hay ride. 

 Love this

 Time for the slide!! I was too busy taking this picture that I didn't catch her coming down and she keep into the dirt then got up and said "again?!" Haha.

 Riding the Tractor. 

 Picking her pumpkin!

Found the perfect one!

Too many pictures?! Oh well. 

We had a wonderful time!

Love, Love, Love these special memories!


  1. Aww.. your punkin is wearing a punkin shirt while picking punkins :D

    LOVE IT!

  2. cute! i hope to get to one this weekend. hopefully friday! although, i would LOVE to be wearing a tank top for punkin pickin' ;)


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