Friday, June 1, 2012


Yes, that is the lovely hour, my lovely daughter decides would be a great time to start the day. Me? Not so much.

She used to sleep until 6:15-6:30. That was fine. She goes to bed early usually around 7 so I was ok with that.

I am not ok with 5:15 but her internal clock is just kind of messed up right now. Plus it does not help that she is sleeping in the pack n play (which she manages to escape from time to time!) and we sleep in the same room while at my parents house.

The room is dark so its not the light coming in thats bothering her. She is just awake and wanting to get up and 5:15!!!

I manage to give her some books to look at to keep her occupied for a little while since we are at my parents house, everyone can hear her so I can't let her cry/yell for mommy. Plus its too early to go downstairs and play because she is just loud.

What is a momma to do?! I don't know how many more days/weeks I can take of this 5:15 wake up call? It's for the birds!


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