Monday, June 11, 2012

Parenthood is not all butterflies and is tough!

The last few weeks with Madelyn have been rough. Actually, the word rough would be an understatement. It has been um...hellish.

She is 19 months old. However, she has decided that she rules the land in this household. If she does not get what she wants,when she wants it or how she wants it, she will freak out, cry, roll around on the floor and sometimes hit me(while swinging her arms during her tantrum!) It is wearing me down both emotional and physically especially with the hubs working a lot lately.

I have been working on not giving into her. Because, like I said previously, it is so much easier at times. It stops the crying and the melt downs and she turns into a happy child. However, I do not want her to turn into a spoiled child who can cry and whine to get anything she wants. So, I have been the mean momma lately. And it has been tough.

She loves to be outside and playing with other kids. So usually we will go on a walk around the apartment complex to pass the time. I dread these walks though because she does not listen. For example, the other day I told her it was time to go inside so I walked into the apartment, expecting her to follow. Nope, she told me "buh bye" and continued to walk the other way. So, I acted like I was going to shut the door, just to see what she was going to do, and yup, she just continued to walk away. O.M.G child. She just does not care.

I dread taking her to the store with me because all she wants to do is get down and walk. The other day she somehow maneuvered her little body out of the strap in the Target cart and stood up! I grabbed her legs and sat her back down and she attempted to do it again. AH!

She is just not the easiest child. Don't get me wrong, she is social and happy and so personable but she is stubborn and VERY strong-willed! (My mom confirmed that to me the other day on the felt so good to hear that I was not crazy!)

I swear it is that red hair of hers....(Thanks Pop Pop!)

I know this is a stage and we are working through it together. I have learned some lessons from her that will save me some frustration with future children. It is a learning experience and we are learning together but man is it hard sometimes.

I love that girl to death and would do anything for her but this whole parenting gig lately has been frustrating and tiring.

Thank the Lord above she is an only child! I don't think I could handle two kids right now. She is enough!

Ok thanks for letting me rant. I feel better.

I love you Madelyn too much to say but man child are you stubborn!

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  1. Seriously.. thats Ryley to a T! She is so stubborn and has started to throw the worst tantrums. What is it with these girlies?! Good luck with Mady.. I would tell you it gets better.. but I havent gotten there yet! ha


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