Saturday, June 9, 2012

Some Randomness

Yay for Saturday! Or not really because the Navy has my husband this weekend until Sunday afternoon. Oh these drill weekends kill me! Anyways Mady was up again at 5:45 this morning. I do not know how to break her of this! It makes for one tired momma and a long day especially with the hubby working as much as he does. So all I can muster up today is some random stuff going on around these parts.

1. We got a CAR! YAY! But oh my Lordy! I forgot how much of a process it is and how long it takes! The hubby was at the dealership the other night until 11 and then we had to go back yesterday to sign some paper and have them clean the car and such. We were there for 2 hours with a crazy little girl! And of course, this girl was center of attention. Hamin' it up for everyone to see.

I am taking this picture sitting in the kiddy chair in the play room. This is about how we felt.

Wanting to escape!
....and for those of those you will ask what we got. We got a 2007 Mazda 3. Its grey. I don't  really have a good picture of it but it is perfect for Mady and I. I am very proud of us for staying in our price range. This has been a long and frustrating process. It seemed like no one was willing to work with us and Matt walked out of so many dealerships. But finally, we have our new (or new to us) car! Very thankful for everything my hubby did to get that car for me!

2. Mady is a dancing machine! It is so cute and makes me laugh every time. I don't think this girl ever sits still!

3. I can put Mady's hair up in a big girl ponytail and oh my goodness. She looks like such a big girl.

Excuse me but stop looking like a big girl. This momma can't take it

Too cute!
4. With her looking more and more like a little "big" girl comes the attitude! Oh my! Seriously the past few days have been difficult. She just wants to do everything by herself and walk everywhere and just not listen. We have started time outs and I think she understand, to a certain extent, what it means. One of my biggest fears is that I will raise a spoiled child who acts bratty and entitled to things. Because, let's be honest, it is usually easier to just give in to what they want. (Guilty of that on too many occasions)

5. A sleeping baby in a car seat just is too cute. Mady usually crashes while we are driving and she looks just so cute and peaceful. Then she wakes up and it is more out!

6. Our "community" pool hasn't open yet and I cannot wait until it does. It will give Mady and I something to do for a good hour each day. Mady loves the water and plus it will tire her out. Yay for long naps!

7. While Mady and I were in Jersey, Matt went to the leasing office and basically told them everything wrong with their stupid apartment and that we feel like we have the right to break our lease. The lady understood where he was coming from and said she would have to talk to her property manager and let us know. That was over 2 weeks ago and we still haven't heard back. On top of that, wouldn't you think that they could come to our apartment and fix the things we have been complaining about to maybe get us to stay here and be happy customers? Yeah me too. Nope, nothing. We are beyond annoyed and frustrated with this place. It is horrible and I will do the happy dance when we are able to leave!

8. I cannot stop eating the cheddar blast gold fish! Like we went to the store yesterday and I made sure to buy 2 bags.(Plus they were on sale!) They are so delicious!

9. Really cannot wait to Monday and to be able to spend the day as a family. We all really need it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! =)

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