Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nothing in particular

This is just another random post on another random day. =)

*We found a new place to live! I cannot tell you how relieved I/we feel. We were looking for a 6 month lease and all the places that weren't ghetto were too expensive. I'm talking like 1,200 a month expensive...for a 2 bedroom apartment. Um. no thank you. But today we were driving around and we totally found the place. It's nothing too exciting but they have a pool, 2 play ground, a community center and it is a nicer part of Virginia Beach. Plus it is totally within our price range! Tomorrow we have to go hand in our check and paper work so I am praying nobody comes in between now and then and steals it from us.

*Matt and I are both truly praying that 6 months from August we will be back in NJ or closer to NJ. Praying like really hard!!!

*I really hate getting the mail. I hate opening bills or getting a piece of mail that causes me anxiety. I like to get it usually while the hubby is home so he can talk me out of my crazy anxiety. I know I'm crazy.

*I am dreading packing all this crap up. For.real. Anyone wanna help?!

*I put a jacket I had bought Mady for the fall on her the other day to see how big it was. She didn't want to take it off.

Mady watching George in her jacket.
*Our kitchen table is falling apart. We only have 2 chairs left because the other 2 broke. And another one is about to go. I really just want to chuck the whole thing in the trash. Can't wait until we can get a new set!

*I'm really hoping Mady decides she wants to take a 3 hour nap today. It is around 95 degrees here today and we are kind of stuck inside because they still don't have the pool open and its too hot to be outside. It takes so much to entertain her until her bedtime at 730. Running errands...not today. I am usually sweating my butt off trying to get her in and out of the car and buckle her in and push the cart. Too hot for all that crap today.

*I know I am going to miss her immensely but I cannot wait until next weekend when Mady is staying with Nana and Pop Pop for a few days. Matt and I get 2 1/2 days just for us. SO EXCITED!

Well time to be productive or just sit here and read blogs for awhile. We'll see.


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