Monday, June 25, 2012


I feel like I haven't been on here in forever. Not too much to write about. Just the everyday stuff.

*Warning....long post/lots of pictures!*

But this weekend has made my heart feel so full. It was a low key weekend for us. Something we totally needed. We didn't have too much going on besides church and community group. It was a good weekend.

Mady and Mommy before church
 Sunday, as always we head to church. This particular Sunday at church was unusual. I saw Mady's number come up on the screen during the service. Of course we are sitting in the middle of the isle so I am "excuse me" "thank you"-ing my way out of the row. In my head I'm like "What in the world" "Mady is always so excited to go to Sunday School", "I hope she is ok"...all in about 3 seconds all of that is going through my brain. I get to the door that leads to the nursery and one of the workers is waiting for me...I kind of start to run towards her. Millions of things running through my mind. She looks so upset and turns to me and says "My daughter bit your daughter" Okkkk. She literally was so upset and I kept reassuring her it is fine. It happens. So, I go in to see if Mady is ok and she is. BUT man that girl got her good!

It is kind of a crappy picture but it was so red! My poor baby
Thankfully she didn't break the skin. Mady just wanted me to stay and cuddle for a little while after that which was fine by me. So I sang songs with her and listened to a bible story. Finally, I was able to sneak out. Poor hubby was getting concerned in the service because I was gone for about 25 minutes.

Funny thing is- The little girl that bit Mady...could be Mady's twin. Red Hair. Crazy, stubborn, strong willed personality.

So it was an interesting church day.  We had community group later that evening where we were having a BBQ so I brought a fruit salad. Yum! And yes I used a star cookie cutter for the watemelon.

The rest of the day was spent just relaxing, watching Madagascar (or Roar in Goob language), reading books, playing, and helping daddy with his push ups.

Oh and getting ice cream per the Nana. She said Mady needed a very special treat because of her "traumatic" experience. So of course we spoiled our little girl.

Mady and Mommy's ice cream

Stealing Daddy's milkshake

"Here ya go Dada"

"Don't think about touching my ice cream"

Today there was nothing on our calender to do! So off to the beach we went. My Madelyn is a water baby through and through. Totally sits in the ocean, lets the waves crash over her, says "nummy" to the salt water in her mouth, have to literally carry her away from the water. We were there for about an hour and Mady was in the ocean for 45 minutes of it.

Rare moment playing in the sand

She loves the water

Hangin' out

She is crazy!
It was such a fun morning that of course ended in a melt down because we had to leave. We all got baths and showers when we got back and planned to head out to lunch at a little Mexican place down the road but Mady was so tired so she went down for an early nap and hubby and I got chicka fila! and just talked. It was so nice.

We've spent the rest of the day running errands, hanging out, and eating a yummy dinner!

I am so thankful I get to spend my days with two of the best people a girl could ask for.

Now I am off to get my butt kicked in scrabble by the hubby!

Happy Monday!!!!! =)

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  1. Looks like a fun weekend!! That girl did get Mady good.. glad they are both ok. And I wish my kids were water babies! Both had the ocean.. love the sand though. Ha! :)


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