Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life is just hard sometimes

These past few months have been hard. Difficult. Frustrating. Lots of tears. Struggles.

To be completely honest I never pictured being 25, a mom to an 19 month old, still living in apartments, away from family, and not completely settled.

I hate it.

I get jealous of everyone buying houses and decorating and establishing their roots.

I want that so badly.

But it is just not our time right now.

I need to be ok with that.

It's just hard.

We are moving out of our current, crappy apartment on August 1st-ish. We are attempting to get a lease for 6 month and then hopefully move back closer to NJ or NJ.

It's not the plan I wanted. But...I have to be ok with it. It really is what is best.

Life can just be so hard sometimes.

But....the Lord has us in his hands. I need to remember this daily. His plan is better than our plan. His timing is perfect.

Trusting the Lord in all of this. It's all I can honestly do.

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