Thursday, June 14, 2012


So things have been a little crazy around here lately. Here is a little update on what's going on.

*We got out of our lease!!!! YAY! With no penalty! Matt, last Sunday, sent an e-mail to the property manager with pictures included. She got back to him Monday saying how very sorry she was and that we would be allowed to break our lease. So, we have 60 days to figure out our life! really I am serious.

* All of that means I have to pack again, and move again. Thinking about it makes me so grumpy! Oh well I am excited to get out of this dump.

*I have been feeling so unbelievably nauseous especially in the middle of the day. It sucks. No, I am not pregnant. I checked. =) I just want it to go away!

*Matt and I's 4th wedding anniversary is in a few weeks and I am super excited for it. We weren't together last year (deployment) so this year my parents are taking Mady for a few days so we can go to Bush Garden for the day and just spending a few days just the two of us! I am super excited! 2 more weeks!!!

*Mady and I went to the park yesterday and we were there for an hour!! Trust me, that is a long time to chase around an one and half year old. BUT, she was a very good girl and mainly just chased this cute little boy around. AND, she went down the big, windy slide all by herself...TWICE! I was so thankful to have a good afternoon with her.

*Mady decided yesterday she wanted to eat the crayons she was coloring with. When I asked her who taught her it was ok to eat crayons, her responses was, "uhhhh Papa (Pop Pop). I tried so hard not to laugh. Where does she come up with this stuff?! Needless to say, we called my dad a few minutes later and told him Mady threw him under the bus.

*I have really cute pictures of Mady at the park yesterday but I am too lazy to get the cord to upload them to the computer.

*Yesterday our internet went out, and we have no cable. I was going CRAZY! Crazy enough to call Verizon myself (I hate calling places/people...I always make the hubby do it) and they sent a technician out this morning so YAY internet. Since I was internet-less and cable-less yesterday, I loaded Mady up and went to Target to find something to watch last night so I didn't lose my mind. I got the mini-series The Kennedy's. It is pretty good but I hate watching that stuff without Matt because I always have a billizon questions. (He was a history major..FYI)

*That's about all I can muster up today!

Happy Thursday!!! xoxo

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  1. Holy cow! Yay for getting out of your lease! Are yall going to stay in the area or move home? I would be packing it up for home.. but thats just me! Mady is too cute throwing papa under the bus like that.. where do they come up with stuff like that?! So funny! :)


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