Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer time

Growing up, getting ice cream meant that it was summer time! I don't know what it is about going to an ice cream stand but it just makes me smile.

I've mentioned this before but for 9 years I worked at an ice cream/waterice stand. And I loved seeing the families coming up with their children. The kids getting so excited to have a special treat. I sometimes wondered what my family would look like someday and if my kids would get just as excited to pick out their special treat.

Well, after Mady's nap today I loaded her up and off to Rita's we went (sorry Masso's girl..I know.I know. There is no mom and pop ice cream place around here!)

I told her on the way there we were going to get some ice cream. Her face was priceless. It made me smile from ear to ear. She kept repeating over and over "ice kiem" and "nummy!" (yummy). We got to the Rita's and she was bouncing in her seat, she was so excited.

Trying to decide what to get.
 Kiddie vanilla custard with rainbow jimmies. NUMMY! She loved it. It made her smile. It made me smile. I love moments like this with her. It makes all the hard times ok.


Want some, mom?

Two spoons!

Delicious Mom!

I look forward to so many special summer memories made with her. I am glad we (mostly I) made some today.

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