Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And we are down to one

I feel like such a fool for feeling so sad about selling my our car. I literally cried one day this week over it. Some days I just think I am crazy!

Anyways, tomorrow our Sentra will be gone. We sold it to a nice man and his wife who have no car right now.

That was Matt and I's first big purchase. We brought Mady home in that car. We made many trips in that car. We moved down to Virginia in that car. But I need to remember, IT IS JUST A CAR!

Matt is lucky enough to car pool with two other guys on his shift so Mady and I will only be car-less once or twice a week. I can do that. Plus with summer coming quickly, we have the pool to help our days be full of fun. (I am trying to find all the positive here!)

With getting rid of that car, we are getting rid of a lot of debt as well! YAY! We are fully trusting the Lord in this process and He has clearly been answering our prayers and providing what we needed. I just need to continue to trust Him while we are living with one car. I know there will be situations that arise where I will curse selling that car but in the long run we are doing the right thing.

So tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my beloved Sentra! She was such a wonderful car! And with that...we are down to one.


  1. I would be sad if I had to sell my car too!

  2. I totally cried when I had to get rid of my jeep =( And I still really miss it even a year later. It is a little unnerving how attached we get to things, but in the end that is all they are - things. Good for guys for doing this. It takes a lot of guts to be able to look at your situation and objectively decide what is really necessary. Love you all.


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