Monday, April 2, 2012

The better half.

This weekend has been a crazy one. We have had one thing after another come up and try to get us down. Through all of this, I just have to say, I am beyond thankful for my wonderful husband. Yes, there are days we fight,and we can bicker a lot but I love him so much more each day.

Since my last post about our wonderful neighbors, the hubby decided he was going to go over there and talk to them himself. I wasn't sure I wanted him to do this but he wasn't giving in. He explained he just wanted to see if he could work it out and have a peace between us. I am truly thankful for this because it has been like walking around on pins and needles around here after they accused us of child abuse.

Off he goes...and I started to pray! I really was nervous. I didn't want them to be rude to him. He was going over there, to not start something, but just to see if they could understand where we were coming from.

He said they were nice about it and listened to what he said. (He didn't bring up what they said about us...which I am thankful for). They said they understood where he was coming from and would try their best to be on their son about the noise.

Now...I don't know if I truly believe them and everything they said. (especially after over hearing the mom talk about us and our child). But I truly proud of my husband for doing the right thing. It is not easy to do the right thing especially with people that we have had a difficult time dealing with. I admire him in so many ways because I would have never have been so brave. (As you can tell...I don't do well with confrontation).

Lately, I have been so thankful to have someone so wonderful be called my husband. I honestly could not go through this life without him by my side. He is a better listener. He rants and raves over my delicious baked goods. He lets me cry over a cupcake (yes that did happen). He takes care of me during my horrendous monthly visitor ( I know TMI but its true). He lets me buy Mady, just "one cute outfit" at Target. He was part of creating the most precious thing in our lives, Madelyn. He has sacrificed missing his daughters first year of life to serve his country, and honestly didn't complain about it. He is overall just a wonderful man, friend,son and most of all, husband.

Thanks for listening to me rant and rave about my hubby! He sure deserves it!!

Me and my best buddy!

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