Thursday, April 26, 2012

Heavy Heart

I have a heavy heart. I have had it all day yesterday. Just so many things swirling around.

A good friend of mine is dealing with infertility. She recently had another disappointment. It breaks my heart. She doesn't deserve it. She will be a great mom. It makes me mad and sad and hurt for her.

I don't know how she feels and I can't imagine what she is dealing with or going through. I wish I had some great words for her. She is so special to me and my daughter.

After thinking about all of this for much of the afternoon I came to the realization that I need to be thankful more, especially for Madelyn.I don't think I thank the Lord enough for allowing me to be Mady's mom. Of course there are days when I am just so done being a mom for the day. I want to punch out on my time clock and head to my room for some much needed alone time.

But, I am lucky and blessed to have her. Not everyone gets the opportunity to.

I don't think that has ever truly hit me before like it did today. It brought me to tears.

I am blessed to be the mom to my crazy, active, loud, lovable almost 18 month old.

She is a treasure. My treasure.

So, Thank you Lord for entrusting Madelyn to Matt and I for her earthly life. I am forever grateful.

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  1. What a sweet post! I hear ya on wanting to punch your mommy time card.. just for a few hours. But I am very thankful for my babies.. I love them and I dont know where I would be without them.


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