Saturday, April 21, 2012

A mother's influence

Yesterday as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen/foyer floor, I couldn't help but think about the influence my mom has had on me. It brought me to tears to be honest.

My mom is such a beautiful person. She is very opposite of me (I am too much like my dad =). We fight, cry and usually make up within a few minutes.

But, she is my best friend.

If I can be half the mom that she is to me, to Madelyn, I would be happy.

I think about the little things that have influenced me such as the way I clean, the food I make, how I keep my home, and how I decorate. It is funny to think about. I make the same meals I grew up with. (She was and is a fabulous cook) I clean my house very much the same way I saw my mom cleaning our house growing up. Our house was always clean and there was always a fresh homemade meal on the table. We ate as a family almost every night. Something that is very important in my house today because of her influence. She was there for all of our sporting events, recitals, or watching me and my friend make up dance to some current pop song.

She let me cry, held me as I cried, and comforted me in a way that only a mother could. She was and is always there for me. I call her a million times a day and she never acts annoyed.

I hope I can be everything that she is to me, to my own daughter. I want Mady and I to have the relationship my mom and I have. I want her to call me a million times a day whether she has a question, to vent, or just to talk about our days.

Moving away from my mom has been one of the hardest things. I miss her everyday. I miss her hugs and seeing her play with Mady. But, it is always her words. Her words and encouragement are what get me through some of my roughest days.

I am thankful for a mother who influenced me in the best ways. She taught me how to be a great mom (at least I attempt to be). She has taught me what genuine love is for your children. 

So thank you Mom. From the bottom of  my heart. I love you forever.

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