Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh drill weekend how I loathe you

It is that time of the month again! (No, not what typically comes to mind.) DRILL WEEKEND!

UGH! I really truly dislike drill weekend especially now since the hubby typically works on Saturdays so after drill today, he heads into work so he isn't taking a full day of military leave. He will be gone from 6:15 AM to 9:30 PM. Long, long day for him. I miss him already.

This means it is me and the Mady to conquer the day, just the two of us. These are the days I truly miss my parents and having family and friends in the area. I am going kind of crazy without adult interaction!

Don't get me wrong either, I am thankful for drill weekends because I am so unbelievably proud of the hubby and what he does. Also, it provides extra income which is super helpful.

I need to have a good attitude today and keep me and the little girl busy. We have some cleaning to do and it is supposed to be beautiful here today so maybe the park and our newest activity of playing in a bin of water with beach toys. Mady loves it. She usually cries hysterically when we are done and go inside.

Need a good attitude today and soak in all the time and special memories I am creating with the goob! I know I will miss these moment too soon.

Happy Saturday! =)


  1. My hubby was in the reserves and I hated drill weekend too! I did enjoy the check though! Ha.. sad. Hope you and goob had a great day!

    1. It definitely is a win-lose situation! I am thankful for the Navy and loathe them at the same time! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! =)


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