Thursday, April 19, 2012


Madelyn has learned to climb. Oh Dear Lord. This child climbs on everything! She scares me because she strains herself so hard to pull herself up onto the chair.

Last night I ran upstairs to grab something and came downstairs to this...

Excited much?
She climbs on the couch, the chairs, the glider in her room, attempts to climb onto our bed (hasn't mastered that one yet..give her a day).

Let's just pray that she doesn't learn how to climb out of her crib. She hasn't attempted that yet but I am a little worried with this new found activity she loves that the day is slowing approaching.

In other news, this is my second day with no car. Yesterday was Matt's day to drive to work and today he had to drive to Dulles to take a test for hopefully a future job! (Praying!)

Yesterday I was fine without the car and today....I am going a little crazy. Hopefully he will be home before the crazy traffic hits and we can venture to Panera to use our lovely gift card! Yummy!!

Until then it is just me and the goob. Thankfully she is sleeping now and will hopefully sleep for 3 hours! (I know I know...two days in a row is pushing it but one can dream!)

Now its time for me to finish up some laundry and find something to eat for lunch.

Happy Thursday! =)


  1. Ha! That little girl is so so cute! Scary when they start to get all dangerous on us! My little man is climbing too.. uhhh! Good luck without the car today! I asked my hubby is he could use a work truck and we could get rid of one of ours.. it would be so nice not to have that payment!

    1. Thanks Kel! The payment is sure nice to get rid of! Hoping it works out for you guys!!


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