Friday, April 27, 2012

Just one of those days

Yesterday was an ok day. You know the kind of day that is not bad, but not good.

Actually it started Wednesday night. My lower back has been really bothering me. Like.a.lot. It feels so tight and I have a hard time finding a good sleeping position. My poor hubby. I probably keep him up from moving around so much but I just can't sleep!

Anyway, I probably fell asleep around 11 pm (so late for me!) and around 12:30, I hear Mady yelling "Mama" so I wait a few seconds and I don't hear it again so I lay back down but dontcha know...I am wide awake. Sitting there waiting to hear her again. This goes on all night. She probably called out "Mama" 3 more times that night all at random times. I never went in to check on her because she didn't seem upset and she wasn't crying. But I would just sit up and wait and listen because I didn't want to finally fall back asleep and then be woken up again.

Mady girl was wake and ready for the day at 6:20. UGH. I stumbled to her room to get her and brought her back into bed with us. Nope. She wanted to go downstairs to watch "Gerge" (Curious George). Sweet hubby got up with her and I laid back down. AGAIN...could not fall back. Screw it. I headed downstairs.

Hubby took the girl to Dunkin to get us some yummy breakfast and an iced tea for me. Lord knows I needed it. He told me to relax while they were gone. Guess what I did? Yup, I cleaned the upstairs bathroom at 7:30 am. I figured, no one is home, it needs to get done, better just to do it now. So, now I have a clean bathroom. Don't you just love the smell of a clean bathroom? No, just me?

Anyhow, we just hung out, played with the little girl and chatted for a while. Then we headed to the mall where I got some summer clothes and walked around a little bit.

I knew we had to get home at a decent time so I could put lunch in the oven and eat before Matt had to leave for work. Nope, got home too late. Poor hubby was on the phone with stupid Verizon from the time we got home until the time he left. So, I ate lunch by myself while Mady chomped on an apple.

Mady took a short nap today and woke up feeling (and looking...sorry baby) pretty crappy. Her nose was running, she was congested, and kept sneezing and coughing. She wasn't too crabby so I was thankful.

I decided to head to Kohls to return a few things and figured we were just running in and out, I wasn't lugging that stupid stroller in there so I let her walk. Big.mistake. This girl threw herself down on the floor and cried hysterically because she didn't want to hold my hand and she wanted to go in the mall and walk around. So, I had to carry my screaming child out of Kohls. First time for everything.

Oh and by the way did I mention the two of us were quite a site. Mady had snot everywhere, M&M stains on her shirt, crazy bed head and I myself had comfy pants that are a size too big, crazy hair and a white shirt with a stain on it. Lovely right? I wish I would have taken a picture.

The rest of the night was pretty typical. Mady playing, the occasional whine because she wants to stand on the counter to find a snack, (Why in the world did I let her do that in the first place?! Girl is obessed with the counter now!) dinner and bath routine. She has been surprisingly pleasant at night time now. Usually it is her crabby hour. No complaints here.

SO yeah that was our exciting day. Boring, not the best, but not the worst day.

Is it Mother's Day weekend yet? I am missing my parents too much.

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  1. Haha.. I laugh but thats how I look ALL the time! And Ryley's is always crazy too.. no matter what I do! Hope Mady sleeps in for ya :)


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