Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Randoms...

Here we go...

*Matt, Mady and I had a great morning. We headed to Target to buy the little one diapers since I only had 1 left! (Thats never happen before!) Then we headed to the mall to walk around and get some lunch before the hubby left for work. Honestly, I needed that time today with him and Mady, just taking our time, and not rushing! (Except when we had to rush home because we were at the mall too long..oh well)

*I have the car today! YAY! I think we are going to head to the park when Mady gets up. I need some fresh air and sun!

*My attitude about the car is still sucky but I am working on it. (slowly...)

*Mady totally ate an Auntie Annes pretzel for lunch today and I am ok with that.

*I am so excited to spend the weekend with family! I cannot wait until Sunday!!

*I thought I found a living social deal for a 4 night stay in Cancun for two people for $600! I saw so excited and totally about to buy it until the hubby pointed out air fare was not included. Boo that!

*Totally made my Chex Mix again today. I'd say I'm slightly obsessed. Yummo!

*I am getting my hair cut on Sunday to fix what the crazy lady did to my hair a few weeks ago. I love, love, love my hair dresser and am so excited to be going back to her since we will be in Jersey for the weekend!

*The hubby's birthday is coming up and I am so excited! I love birthdays, like really love them! I actually already bought and wrapped his presents (low key this year). Go wifey! We haven't been able to celebrate his birthday together in years (mostly thanks to the Navy!) I cannot wait to celebrate him!

*I really need to deep clean this apartment like really bad. I just can never find the energy to do it. It will get done...eventually.

Happy Friday!!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! =)

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