Friday, April 6, 2012

Mady, the Baker!

I intended to take the day off but then I realized that once Mady goes to bed, I am bored. Haha. And yes, she is in bed and it is only 6:45...It was one of THOSE nights. Night time and Mady do not mix well.

I was in a funk today. Just feeling blah and down. So what do I do when I get in a funk...BAKE! This time I decided I would let the little girl help. How cute she was...and then...oh the tears!!

Helping putting the Springy cupcake liner in the pan! do I open this?

Just a little taste...real quick! Caught you stinker!

Mix, Mix, Mix!

Ok picture!

Then it was over...and oh the tears!

Yes...that is just a picture overload of what happened. She was so cute, standing on the chair, pouring in the water and oil, mixing it all together. and then FAIL! we were done. It was mom's job now to fill the pan. Cue the huge crocodile tears, heavy sobs, and gasping for air! Poor child!

And yes, that last picture. All for us. No we aren't going anywhere for Easter. We are a cup cake lovin' family!

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