Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Matt and I had our first date night in 3 months last night! WAHOO!! It was much, much needed!

It came about unexpectedly. You see, we don't have family in the area and we are in the process of meeting people around here. I have never left Mady with anyone but my parents and Matt's mom. They were the only people I felt comfortable leaving her with.

Matt has become good friends with one of his fellow co-workers and they have a 4 year old son. They have offered many times to watch Mady for us so we could get out. They know what is is like to live away from family, not knowing many people, with a toddler. However, I've only met them once, at Matt's graduation and I honestly still didn't feel comfortable. It's not that I didn't trust them, but I guess it is just the mom in me.

BUT, yesterday I finally said yes. (after a little coaxing from Matt). We decided to take his friend up on his offer and go out to dinner. I just needed a date with my hubby where I wasn't worried about packing food for Mady, worrying about her making a scene in the restaurant, etc. And it was LOVELY! We went to Lone Star for Military Monday (20% off the check...yes please!) and I even had a drink. Now, I don't drink usually honestly because I can't stand the taste of alcohol. It was super yummy and the hubby and I had a wonderful conversation and were excited to go pick up the goob, feeling refreshed.

When we picked up Mady, she didn't want to leave their house. She was so excited to play with their dogs and son. Whenever I asked her if she was ready to leave, she would shake her head and say no. It was really cute and made me feel better about leaving her. Because honestly, I felt like a bad mom for leaving her with people I didn't really know. I trusted Matt's judgment in his friends but still I felt bad.

So YAY for date night and new friends! =)

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