Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday Randoms...

I totally forgot yesterday was Friday. I told you I am totally thrown off with the hubby' schedule. Today is our Friday. Anyways...

*Mady is sick again or has allergies or is just teething. Whatever it is, it needs to go away. She is so congested, cranky (yeah remember when I said she wasn't too cranky....yeah not so much anymore) and that runny nose. I spend most the day chasing her around with a boggie wipe! Drives both of us crazy!

*Matt had to take the car to work today so Mady and I decided to take a walk around the complex to get out of the house and hopefully get rid of some of the crankies. Mady can finally wear a pair of cute flip flops that I bought in like March. They are super cute. Still a little big but nothing compared to before. Her feet are FINALLY growing. =)

Super cute flip flops

*Matt's mom is coming down the first weekend in May and we are so excited. We haven't seen her since March and we miss her tons! My parents come down the following weekend. SO excited for family time. We have missed that so much.

Mady and Mom Mom. Need a recent picture of these two
*Mady walks around on her tip toes all the time. It makes me laugh.

*I spent Mady's nap time yesterday catching up on Bethenny Ever After. I love the show and I love her. She honestly makes me laugh out loud sometimes.

*Matt and I's bedroom is an absolute disaster. I attempt to make the bed every day and clean up but usually as I'm doing that Mady is making a mess in another corner of the room. Clothes need to be put away, furniture needs to be dusted, clothes hung up. UGH. It just easier to shut the bedroom door instead. =)

That's all I got this week.

Happy Saturday! (Our Friday...YAY!!)

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  1. LOVE those sandals!! I love chubby baby feet too.. so cute :)


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