Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tom boy?

I think I might have a tom boy on my hands. Yes, my precious, sweet, lovely, Madelyn.

I don't know how I feel about this....

I have always been a girly girl. I am NOT an outside girl. I HATE to get dirty. I DON'T like playing sports (love watching them though). I am just not that girl.

Mady on the other hand. LOVE to be outside. LOVES to get dirty (I have slowly come to terms with this...slowly) and LOVES to kick the ball around or just run around in general. She is ROUGH.

Her favorite toys have been a car that her Uncle E gave her, a soccer ball, and anything that can be done outside.

I wish I could take her outside a fenced in yard! The girl just takes off running when she is outside. The park is a fun place but it is a holy meltdown every time we have to leave and sometimes I just don't feel like dealing with that.

Playing in the dirty water.

When I put her in dresses (which is rare) she, of course, looks adorable but it is not her. She is a jeans and tank top girl (much like her momma.)

It is just funny to be to see her personality come out more and more each day. I cannot believe she is going to be 18 months on May 2nd. I want life to slow down. I want to capture and remember all of these moments with her. Sometimes I find myself just going through the normal routine and getting bored of it. Then I remember that my first born isn't a baby anymore. She is a full grown toddler who loves to sit in a "big girl" chair at the table. Who eats like a big girl and sleeps like a big girl. She says "peas and hank you"

Doing her "paper work" while I made dinner last night in her "big girl" chair
She is just getting too big. Too grown up.

I fall more in love with this girl each day. Tom boy or not!

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