Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mish Mash...its all I got.

I was about to write Mish Mash Monday on the header but then I realized that it is Tuesday. I tend to get mixed up with the days since Matt has off Sun/Mon. So Tuesday it is!

-I went shopping today.....BY MYSELF! I honestly can't remember when the last time that happened. I went to Kohls to get some summer clothes since this time last year I was about 20 lbs heavier. So, I actually looked around, TRIED STUFF ON, and looked some more. I got a couple cute things and plus I had an extra 30% off. WIN!

May 2011. Wow

Feb 2012. Mady took this picture. haha

-It was difficult to find current pictures of me. I am always behind the camera.

- We weren't able to go to my mom and dads this weekend because we had a crazy amount of rain along the northeast. I was super bummed but I didn't want to get stuck in some crazy traffic and have it take us forever to get there since we were only staying for pretty much 24 hrs. They are coming down for mother's day weekend and I am so excited. I wish it would hurry up and get here!

-We went to get family pictures done yesterday and some individual shots of Mady. I had a coupon for JCPenneys so we decided we would try it. Never again. The lady was so rude to us when we first walked in, and she did not take many good pictures. I was able to find a few that I liked so I can switch out the 12 month ones of Mady. I love pictures so much. I wish I had a really nice camera to take my own...someday.

-Matt and I have become community group leaders at our church. We started a community group for military members/couples. We are super excited about it and hope that we are able to connect with some families in the area!

-My hair has been so oily lately...like gross oily. I think it is time to switch shampoos and since we weren't able to go to NJ this weekend, my cut/highlight has been put on hold...sad day.

-I bought a massage today from LivingSocial. Ready...normally $75....I got it for $20! That is my mothers day present and I am so excited.

-I have decided that the days I don't have the car are going to be my organize/cleaning days. I think it is a good plan. Today is one of those days. We will see how much I get done.

-I don't think my Mady girl is feeling the best. She had been so cranky this morning so we put her down for a morning nap (usually she get goes down around 12) and Matt woke up for an hour later and she was still tired. She is sleeping now again. I think it is though darn teeth! She has 4 more to go. Poor girl.

OK time to get my clean on. (Or sit on the couch and catch up on my TV shows).

Happy Tuesday! =)

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  1. Weve gone to JCpennys and Sears for pictures and each time I get so disappointed! They are always rude.. and never on time. We went two weeks ago with the kids and the lady kept telling my two year old to stop and just stand still. I was beyond upset. They keep trying to get a perfect picture and miss out on some great action shots. Oh well.. live and learn!


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