Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My attempt at Arts and Crafts!

I swear Pinterest will be the death of me! I find so many things on there that I want to cook, bake, make, attempt to do with the goob, and buy. AH!

I am not the best at arts and crafts really but I try my best. Haha. I usually just want to hurry the project a long so I can see the finish product. I don't have much patience! Well I thought I would show some of the completed projects that I have worked on.

First. Mady has a ton of books! She could not get to them in her bucket full of toys so we took a trip over to Michaels to look for something to store the books in. I found a wooden crate and figured I would paint it.It was super easy and I think it came out kind of cute. (I wish I could have painted a cute quote or her name...but c'mon I'm not that good!)

Finished Product:

Mady's book crate. =)
Second. I love holidays and decorating for holidays. With Mady being a very curious 17 month old, I have to watch what I can put out. I didn't have a lot of Easter decor so I decided to make these HOP letters. I really love how they look and they were super easy!

Finished Product:

Letters covered in springy scrap book paper.
Third. I am always looking for new ideas to do with Mady. We are trying to limit our spending so these are key! I found a cute idea for a felt board on Pinterest. This isn't all the way finished. I would like to get a wood board to put the big felt pieces on. I cut out shapes, letters, numbers, and random things for Mady to play with. She actually does play with it and it is an easy way to start teaching shapes, letters, numbers, etc.

Somewhat finished product:

Small sampling of the different shapes
Fourth. I found the best quote for Mady's room on the site as well. It made me cry the first time I read it. I bought a piece of wood and covered it in scrap paper then wrote the quote on a separate piece of paper and glued it to the wood and added a few heart stickers. I don't have a silhouette cameo or circuit so handwriting it was! (I wish, I wish , I wish I had one!) I added a cute brown and pink ribbon so I could hang it on her wall. The goob doesn't have many cute decoration in her room because a. we can't afford it right now and b. this is the first time she has her own room so we didn't have much from before.

Finished product:

Blurry picture but such a special meaning.
Those are a few of the projects that have kept me busy lately. I am sure there will be more! I am on a craft kick! (Poor hubby!)

Happy Wednesday!

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